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We reach back for a nip of tradition, and then bound forward to new frontiers, to make tasty and creative ciders for good folk like you.

We're a humble bunch, but don't let that fool you. Just like our bold palette and playful illustrations we're coloured with the cheeky zing of our island folk, wherever they come from.

We're a locally owned and operated craft cidery located in Sydney, Nova Scotia. We take pride in our roots and celebrate the rich and radical culture thriving on Cape Breton Island. Come celebrate with us!
Pull up a chair &
meet someone new
Relax & get Cozy
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Folks are different. And cheers to that! Whether your predilections are tilted towards the unusual, or you prefer the familiar and steadfast, we've got something you'll love!

Our ciders are proudly brewed with 100% Nova Scotia apples. Never artificial - Only local, quality goodness!

Recommended!! Amazing cute little place with lots of nice cider options!! We tried the cider flight and all ciders were amazing.

- Aditya Joshi

Excellent cider, the Rebel Rosé is my favourite. They have many seasonal varieties in the summer, all of which are quirky but delicious. You can find their product at this location but also many of the pubs and restaurants around town.

- Kenneth Carmichael

My first time there did not disappoint. A wonderful afternoon spent outside in the sun on the picnic tables listening to live music and drinking all the delicious cider! The friendly staff are amazing.. I'll be back!

- Monique Gibson

They have wonderful flavor infusions in their ciders. All are delicious! Go there, you will not be disappointed!

- chris corbett

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12:00PM - 10:00PM
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Good Company
Off Dry, 6.5%
Good Company is our flagship cider, named in honour of good times with good people. Made from 100% Nova Scotia apples, Good Company is perfectly balanced with natural apple sweetness, subtle tannins, and a clean, crisp finish. Evoking feelings of celebration, the nose is multilayered with notes of flowers, citrus, vanilla, and spicy white pepper. Enjoy with Good Company!
Pairs Well With
Chats With Friends
The Great Outdoors
Rebel Rosé
Balanced, 7.0%
Island Folk Cider House believes that rules are made to be broken. Cape Breton’s rich and radical past provides a blueprint for rebellion, bringing curiosity and creativity to how we live and how we brew. Guided by this spirit, we created Rebel Rosé. Made with 100% Nova Scotia apples and locally sourced cranberries, to create a mouth-watering blush with hints of rose and orange; the perfect balance of fruit and tart.
Pairs Well With
Welcoming Friends
Backyard BBQs
Nature Walks
Easy Beezy
Off Dry, 6.5%
At Island Folk Cider House, we know that summer doesn’t last long enough. That’s why we created Easy Beezy to help you make the most of sunny skies and ocean breezes! Easy Beezy is a medium dry, full-bodied cider made with 100% Nova Scotia apples and blended in perfect harmony with honey from Cape Breton’s Coast Honey, located on the north-side of beautiful Isle Madame. You can even taste the aster flowers from the nearby fields the bees pollinate!
Pairs Well With
Lazy Beach
Juicy Gossip
Apple pie